Wenchi Tour

It was not difficult to see that the hospital is not only busy and functioning well but also that it is expanding and evolving. It is striving to offer more and more services. Since last time WDR paid a visit, there is now a dental unit and the orthopaedic theatres are built and being used. WDR and a Dutch donor have made this happen. One of Bernard's priorities is now to construct and kit out a rehab centre attached to the theatre's. Perhaps this will be part of the Wenchi Hospital/WDR partnership over the next while. Pat Jamison (MMS mission partner) had been accompanying us on this part of the visit so it was useful for her to see another hospital to her own (Ankaase Methodist Faith Healing Hospital - 3 hours away). These are the only two hospitals that Methodist Church Ghana has but it also runs 22 clinics - really serving their communities.

Tim 1