Wenchi Methodist Hospital, Ghana

Contact: Mr Bernard Botwe (Administrator)
Focus: Healthcare

This important district hospital was established in 1951 by the local community and handed over to the Methodist Church in 1952. The then Methodist Superintendent Minister was Rev. John Dixon, an Irish missionary. It serves as the district referral centre for twenty public and private health centres with a population of 173,000 people, mostly engaged in farming. The facility cares for people most commonly suffering from malaria, malnutrition, pneumonia, hepatitis, tropical ulcers, typhoid fever, pregnancy complications, schistosomiasis, hypertension and anaemia. WDR has had a long relationship with the hospital (as has Irish Methodism in general). The current focus is the rehabilitation of the Reproductive and Child Health Unit. The most recent monitoring and evaluation visit was in April 2016. 


Father, you wish every person to have life in its fullness.
Thank you for those with education, skills and a compassionate heart who serve those who are sick, injured or dying.
Thank you for the history and imagined future of Wenchi Methodist Hospital.
Bless Bernard Botwe the administrator.
Give him daily encouragement, guidance and wisdom.
May the refurbishment of the ‘Reproductive and Child Health Unit’ go to plan.
May it save and enhance many lives.
May this witness speak loudly of a God of love.