Tim Dunwoody

I always say that the WDR committee is the best committee to be on in Irish Methodism and I mean it. Every meeting results in development work happening more effectively around the world, partnerships being strengthened or plans being made to engage more supporters. We have no time for waffle; there are important things to do. I also enjoy the company of the other committee members. There are all involved for the right reasons.

To me, partner, means the people we work with, not the organisation they work for. What impresses me is their commitment to people, their expertise and their integrity. The relationship may be conducted via technology for much of the time but I enjoy their friendship. 

My highlight is travelling to meet people who are doing their best to change their lives: farmers, widows, children out of school, hospital staff, development practitioners and so many more. I am fascinated by other cultures and ways of living so engaging with people from around the world has really changed my perspective on most things.

I think WDR has hit upon an effective way of doing development, a way that also honours our Christian values of solidarity, compassion and justice. I’d like to see more supporters engage with our work in a meaningful way, grow the income and so support our partners even more.

Committee member for 12 years

(Pictured with Rev. Joseph Donkoh, left [MDRS] & Mr. Bernard Botwe, right [Wenchi Hospital])