WDR co-funds the 4 partners listed below with our sister agencies

Christian Aid Ireland & All We Can. 

Soluciones Practicas, Bolivia

Website: www.solucionespracticas.org.pe
Focus: Livelihoods and flood mitigation

Shared with: Christian Aid Ireland

Soluciones Practicas use technology to help eradicate poverty, by developing skills and working with the poor to influence social, economic and institutional systems that promote innovation.

Soluciones Practicas help local communities to diversify their crops and use new, more efficient agricultural and farming technologies. Click here to watch a short video about the introduction of Solar Ovens in the Bolivian Amazon. 

Church Land Programme

Contact: Mr. Graham Philpott

Website: www.churchland.co.za
Focus: Land and housing rights

Shared with: Christian Aid Ireland

The Church Land Programme works to affirm, learn from and journey with those who are systematically excluded and impoverished in their struggles related to land and justice. CLP supports people’s struggles for freedom and to regain their collective power. CLP works with people through a process of animation. Animation involves an iterative process that applies the learning and action cycle in people’s specific situations and with the intention that they mobilise themselves to act to change that situation in ways that they decide.

The understanding of each other as partners has really grown with Graham's visits to Ireland and WDR staff and volunteer visits to South Africa in the last 2 years.

SUNARMA, Ethiopa

Website: http://www.allwecan.org.uk/africa/partner-in-focus-sunarma
Focus: Agriculture and livestock

Shared with: All We Can

SUNARMA works to improve soil and water conservation and vegetable and livestock production. 

The Srijan Foundation, India

Website: http://www.allwecan.org.uk/asia/srijan
Focus: Challenging poverty and discrimination amongst women

Shared with: All We Can

The Srijan Foundation works with marginalised tribal women in Jharkhand in India to find new ways to earn an income and overcome the challenges of poverty and discrimination. Jharkhand is one of India's poorest states and one of the toughest places to live for women. Women often will struggle to access education, have limited control over their lives and potentially experience discrimination and domestic violence. The Srijan Foundation is working to raise awareness of women's rights and gender discrimination, whilst providing training on leadership, decision-making and advocacy.