People not Projects

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I have grown up through the Methodist Church Ghana (MCG). Being a Methodist in Wenchi is very special. If you mention MCG, everybody knows that we stand for rights, truth and principles; our Church has a very good name in the country. Every department of the church is well developed- social outreach and agriculture, animal husbandry, and many more. We are also have well-established partnerships, like with the Irish Methodist Church.

I’m proud to be a Methodist. They educated me through school and sponsored me through training to become a nurse.

I work in administration & clinical supervision: managing the nurses roster, the cleaning rota and many other tasks- I make sure my patients are safe and protected. I also represent nurses at the Board meetings and advocate for the patients in times of their needs. I have to make sure necessary training for nurses are met and always look for new training for them.

Wench Hospital serves the wider community.
Every 2 years we go out to the people and listen to their needs and then come back here and plan how we can meet them. There are many suggestions. 2 years ago they told us they needed a dentist in the town and we listened and now have one here.

Sampson Dekyi,
Nurse Manager at Wenchi Methodist Hospital
40 years old