Rev. David Nixon

I spent 13 years in Zambia and in the second year, I founded and then continued developing Chodort Training Centre.  It was quite unbelievable all the obstacles and difficulties that we encountered all along the way, all of which convinced me that we were continually involved in a spiritual battle. 

My experience has taught me that our partners are facing this opposition all the time and I am impressed at how they keep going.  I am also impressed at how they seek to draw out the knowledge and skills in the people they are working with and build up their knowledge and skills to that people’s confidence is strengthened and they become strong, resilient and better able to improve their own lives.  

My highlights have been visiting our partners in Ghana & South Africa.  It was absolutely wonderful to meet enthusiastic and energetic people like Bernard Botwe; the administrator in Wenchi Hospital and Joseph Donkoh who has such a passion for extending the Kingdom of God through evangelism combined with practical development.  In South Africa I was so inspired by our partners; Thokozani Poswa from Phakamisa, Graham Philpott, David Ntseng, Nomusa Sokhela from Church Land Programme and the staff and volunteers in OSWW.  

I often refer to these people as ‘Giants’, not in size but giant faith, passion, enthusiasm, love and compassion for their brothers and sisters.  They inspire me with their hearts for service.

WDR Convenor since 2013