People not Projects 

Rachel Nyamekye Boye.jpg
After training in a government training school, I was posted here in Ankaase to work.

I feel so happy taking care of my patients. Especially when they recover and get well and are discharged. I feel so proud that at least I have done my job well.

We are in a rural area & poverty is rampant. Lots of people do not have health insurance so at the end of the day we use our own money to help them. The hospital tries to get everything we need to care for the patients; drugs and equipment, but sometimes it is hard.

We only have one ambulance but management is trying to buy another one. This one breaks down a lot so we have to call one from Kumasi.

This hospital means a lot to the community. We go into the communities to educate people with our nutritionists and our public health nurses.

Life is precious & health is paramount to everything we do.

Rachel Nyamekye Boye, 32
Nursing Officer at Ankaase Faith Healing Hospital
From the Eastern Region, Ghana