(Taken from 2018/19 Methodist Church in Ireland Prayer Focus resource)

Almighty God, we praise and thank you for your amazing generosity towards us.  Our wonderful relationship with you is built on the foundation of your generous love, shown supremely in the gift of your son Jesus Christ.  

Thank you for the opportunity which WDR gives us to be generous in our love for our brothers and sisters in other parts of your world.  May our partners be generous as they share their knowledge, experience and time with their communities and work together to find solutions to their problems. 

May the WDR committee be generous with their time and wisdom as they continue to build the relationships with our partners.  May we, as WDR supporters be generous with our resources and time; resources to support the work and time to pray for our brothers and sisters who like us are so precious to you.

In love and generosity,


You can find prayers for each of our partners on their profile in our Partnership page.