Paz y Esperanz, Peru

Contact: Mr Roger Mendoza Contreras (Chief Executive Officer)
Focus: Civil rights for children and indigenous peoples

Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) is a Christian human rights organization dedicated to defending and promoting justice on behalf of persons and communities living in poverty or affected by different forms of injustice. It is actually a fellowship of independent organizations in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, the United States and the United Kingdom.

WDR's involvement is specific to Paz y Esperanza's work in Peru amongst marginalised groups including abused women and children, indigenous communities in extreme poverty, migrants and displaced people and those whose rights are threatened by those in power.  Paz y Esperanza is taking emblematic cases through the courts in order to obtain justice and compensation for families who lost family members in the civil conflict (1980 – 2000) during which a total of 69,000 people died and 31,000 disappeared. The government has pledged such compensation but has dragged its heels as government forces are implicated in many of the cases. By ‘pushing through’ these cases it is envisaged that others can then follow.

Roger visited WDR in October 2015, when he had the opportunity to share about the work of Paz y Esperanza with Irish Methodists. 


Merciful God,
Help Paz y Esperanza to renew their commitment to your work in Peru so that they may continue to serve with humility, passion and sensitivity. God we pray your protection over the staff at Paz y Esperanza. Grant them the mental and spiritual health they need in their work. As they work with victims and encounter injustices on a daily basis, may they know your presence and trust in your guidance.
We pray for the new services in place to help women affected by domestic violence and children affected by sexual violence, physical punishment and trafficking. God draw ever-near to the people who come in to contact with Paz y Esperanza, reveal yourself so that they will know the Hope only found in You.