Nicky Coulter

The main thing that caught my interest was that WDR worked in partnership with organisations that were known to them as being reliable, trustworthy and effective. These organisations were on the ground and it is a partnership that could develop sustainability, had local involvement and empowerment in their work. 

I support WDR by going along to different events  to speak on how WDR partners with Kopila-Nepal [WDR Partner]. Kopila works with underprivileged children, single mothers, widows and disabled women amongst the dalit communities. We were given the opportunity to go into the remote hills of the Kaski district in Pokhara to visit some of the children and ladies who benefited from WDR contributions. We bring their stories to share with everyone at home.

I hope that by telling people my experience they will come to realise that their contributions make a difference to many people’s lives, especially now after the earthquake.

As Methodists our tradition is to get alongside the most marginalised in society – WDR is one way we can do that!

Nicky was part of a supporters team that visited KOPILA-Nepal in 2015.