Rani Devi

My name is Rani and I live in the Orla District, India. I am involved in a Self Help Group which provides training through The Srijan Foundation [WDR partner co-funded with All We Can]. Women have come together to support each other & now we are not scared to talk. Now when I increase my voice and say something, there are 10 other women who support me. So it gives a sense of part and belonging.

There are elections coming up so there are nominations for ‘village headman’. All of the women in the association want me to stand as one of the nominees in the elections. If I get elected I will do something better for the women in the village. When ladies come up in power they can ask for their rights, but usually if men are in power they don’t care and they don’t really want us to get our rights.

Now a lot of value has been given to me in the family my husband, my in laws, my mother in law, my father in law, and the brother of my husband is giving me value in the house that yes as a woman I am able to stand up.

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