Methodist Development and Relief Services, Ghana

Contact: Rev. Joseph Donkoh (Coordinator)
Focus: Agriculture and livelihoods

The Methodist Church Ghana serves its communities through a variety of ministries including MDRS. The current partnership between MDRS and WDR began in 2011 amongst the Ekumfi people on the south coast. Local people had traditionally relied heavily upon the forests for resources in terms of food and building materials. However, the forests are much depleted and a recent virus has largely destroyed the coconut trees. Alternative livelihoods were needed. Two fast-growing trees were planted by five communities. Cassia can be grown for charcoal production and Leucinia can be used as fodder. Charcoal is the fuel used by the majority of Ghanaians for cooking and excess can be taken to market. Producing one’s own fodder allows farmers to make the jump from crops to small ruminant husbandry e.g. goats. The programme is now diversifying with the possibility of growing new crops such as pineapple and peppers. More efficient cookers are being introduced locally and also some form of cooperative approach to charcoal production. New resistant coconut species are also being introduced.

In April 2016, a WDR media team visited Joseph, the MDRS volunteers and beneficiaries. 


Lord God, we praise and thank you for your great power and Your tender, faithful love. We know that it is from your hand that we have received all we have, and all that we are, and will be. We thank
you for Methodism in Ghana, our link through WDR and all the partnership gains derived in social evangelism.
Gracious and loving God, we understand that You call us to be the stewards of Your abundance, the caretakers of all You have entrusted to us. Help us always to use Your gifts wisely and teach
us to share them generously. May our faithful stewardship bear witness to the love of Christ in
our lives. Amen.