Melissa Newell 

I've always grown up hearing about WDR in church but my first proper encounter with it was when I went to Guatemala with a team from IMYC and Christian Aid Ireland [WDR sister agency].

I speak French and Spanish, so I translate documents and reports for WDR related to partners who do not speak very much English. 
I did a lot of interpretation for the team in Guatemala, as most of them could not speak Spanish. After that, I was asked if I could help with translation and I said I'd be happy to. 

It feels very fulfilling to use the talents I have and the skills I have learnt to serve God. As the first person to read the documents, I feel very privileged, but I am also aware of the responsibility because decisions will be made based on my translation. 

I volunteer in this way, because World Development is very close to my heart, especially after visiting Guatemala, and because I want to serve God in it in any way I can, while I am in Northern Ireland, this is one way of connecting to world development. Through speaking other languages, I get a global sense of the Church and a taste of what Heaven will be like when people from all over the world worship God together.

WDR Volunteer