Contact: Ms Bina Kumari Wagle Silwal (Executive Director)
Website: www.kopilanepal.org.np
Focus: Women’s empowerment

In Nepali the word ‘kopila’ means ‘flower bud’, something delicate that needs nurturing and protecting until it becomes a flower. This sits well with WDR’s vision that every person’s God-given potential is fulfilled. Kopila-Nepal is based in Pokhara with project work in the surrounding hills. The organization works with those from the Dalit and scheduled castes, some of the most marginalized peoples in the world, with a particular focus upon single mothers and widows.

Kopila-Nepal is the longest uninterrupted partnership that WDR has, having started partnering in 2005. Supporters representing seven East Belfast Methodist churches visited Kopila-Nepal in March 2015. This work is based around the formation of six small ‘self help groups’ of 20-25 women. Training is received to address gender-based violence and discrimination, health, education and income-generation skills. Throughout the process the psychosocial needs of the group are also considered (some staff are trained social workers and psychologists). Each SHG has representatives in a Kopila Independent Development Society (KIDS). The KIDS receives further leadership and rights training and is locally registered, thus becoming the voice of the SHGs. Kopila is available to offer advice but can move to new areas to repeat the model. Thus the model is empowering and sustainable.


Lord, thank you for the influence our church can have in the hill country of Nepal through its partner Kopila-Nepal. As they seek justice for the excluded, harassed and victims of violence, may the staff and volunteers work closely with local people to bring transformation. We pray for the psychosocial help given, small income generation businesses established, education supported and emotional support built up. Bless Bina (pron. Beena), Tirtha (pron. Teer-tha) and the rest of the staff as they coordinate the work in poor and often difficult-to-access places. May they and World Development & Relief see success in the work. Amen