I am a husband, a father of 2 daughters and I work as a driver for the Church. I have lived in Ghana my whole life. I like Ghana because it is a peaceful place.

I trained as office machine technician but over time people stopped using these machines so I needed to find a new job. I was in church one week and they said that the MCG was looking for drivers so I said yes, I will do that. I enjoy working for the Methodist Church, it is my service to God. I have been driving for the church for 25 years. I love driving more than the job I originally trained for! I enjoy meeting lots of people from many countries. The difficult thing is other drivers! A lot of them are not educated so they don’t understand the road signs and systems. Most accidents are caused by human error.

I have also started my own small farm. I grow kasava and use this money to pay my children’s school fees. My first daughter wants to be a nurse and the second daughter wants to be a pharmacist. I don’t enjoy the farming very much but I will retire at 60 so the farming is like my retirement.

Driver for Methodist Church Ghana