People not Projects

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Here in the hospital we serve and under-served community. As a Church we need to move out and go to the communities that are not able to come to us. Yes we need to serve them medically, but we can also serve them spiritually.

We don’t have much money, but we can’t say we have nothing. We have something and that is enough to make a start.

We face many problems and big issues here but we will do what we can and see what our God will do too.

One of the biggest areas we have to address is nutrition especially with mothers and children. We are investing in this.

For our hospital, accommodation is also a problem. 97% of our staff come from outside Ankaase but we don’t have rooms for them all. At the minute we only have accommodation for senior staff and senior nurses.

It is the same problem for patients’ relatives. Sometimes they travel up to 7 hours to come and visit them in hospital and then they get here and there is nowhere for them to sleep.

Joseph Atta Amankwah
Administrator at Ankaase Faith Healing Hospital, Ghana