People not Projects

I grew up in Methodism so have always heard about WDR. What grabbed me was simply a realisation that I had something to contribute to WDR.

I give of my skills as Treasurer by keeping accounts, making payments and managing the finances of WDR. I also attend meetings of the committee and give of my thoughts and reflections on a variety of issues. I heard about the opportunity simply by being asked join in - one small conversation has led to a great journey of being part of something really special!

It is a real blessing and privilege to be part of what God is doing. I love that the skills God has given me can be used in such a practical and hands- on way.

I would encourage everyone to seek out ways you can use your gifts to serve. Don’t just be limited to financial giving (although please do that too!!) but I have been so blessed in being able to join in in my own way. There are so many ways that people can get involved, and I hope you will!

Jonny Best
WDR Treasurer