International Justice Mission UK

Contacts: Mrs Ruth Cooke (Regional Development Executive) and Mrs Chloe Fulton
Focus: Violence against the poor

WDR has been working with IJM UK for 6 years.

For the poor, violence is as much a part of life as hunger, illness or unemployment. It is just more difficult to see. While the world has made encouraging strides in the fight against poverty, there is a hidden crisis silently undermining the best efforts to help the poor. According to the United Nations, 4 billion people live outside the protection of the law. That means their public justice systems – their police, courts and laws – are so broken, corrupt and dysfunctional that there is nothing to shield them from violence. IJM focuses upon:

·      Rescuing people from exploitation

·      Rehabilitating them; physically, spiritually, socially and economically

·      Bringing the perpetrators to justice

·      Changing the systems and so making exploitation and violence less likely

Thus IJM works in relation to sex trafficking, forced slavery, sexual violence, property grabbing, police brutality and citizenship rights.


Father God,
Thank you that IJM saw over 3,500 people freed from violence in 2018.
We praise you because you are a God of justice and this work is done through you alone. Father, we ask that you comfort those awaiting rescue. Strengthen and encourage IJM teams worldwide as they seek to do your work. And Lord, we pray for the perpetrators who continue to exploit your people – would they recognise their wrongs and turn away from their crimes.
We lift our prayers to you, amen.