People not Projects

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I work as a school teacher. There are a lot of women teachers in our schools, I think it is 60% of headteachers that are women. People are surprised to hear this but it is because men leave teaching early to look for a “better job”. The Director General for Education in Ghana is a woman.

Rawling’s wife (ex-President of Ghana) really helped women and our profile in work and politics. It was her time. I would say it is almost a 50/50 political gender ratio now in our country.

Family life is so special to me. We have adopted many children because we look at them and the situations they are in and know that they can have better futures.

For many years, NGOs gave sponsorship to girls in education because they had no chance on their own.
Originally they gave it to the most needy children but they weren’t taking it seriously so now they are giving it to the needy but also to the brilliant- the ones who want it and will use it.

Gladys Donkoh