Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf, Lebanon

Contact: Geraldine Carroll Scheele
Website: www.friendsoffaid.ie
Focus: Educating deaf children to survive in Lebanon.

FAID was founded in 1957 in Beirut just beside the highway to Damascus. Over the years it has been bombed and shot at but still it continues to deliver education to children who are deaf or hard of hearing, usually from deprived backgrounds, regardless of their religion or ethnic origin.  Since the war started in Syria, the school has also been enrolling refugee children. At present there are 15 Syrian refugee students that call FAID their second home.  Students are taught to speak, lipread as well as all the academic and life skills that they need to survive in a country that is not very  kind to people with handicaps.

WDR is pleased to be involved in the empowerment of these young people. 


A member of the WDR Committee regularly visits the Institute in Lebanon. 

Click here to watch a video about FAID produced by the UN Refugee Agency


Dear God,
We thank you for showing your love and support to the people, young and old who make up the family of The Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf in Lebanon.
We especially pray for Syrian deaf refugees and their families. Give them the hope, strength and guidance they need to find a future in these very dangerous times.
Be with the staff and keep them safe as they embark on a new outreach program to help refugees in the camps. We ask you this in Jesus name.