East Jerusalem YMCA, Israel/Occupied Palestine

Contact: Mr Nader Abu Amsha (Director)
Website: www.ej-ymca.org/rehab/en
Focus: Rehabilitation and rights for those with disability

EJ-YMCA Rehabilitation Programme seeks to socially and economically reintegrate people with disabilities and those traumatised as a result of political violence. They take a holistic approach by addressing vocational and psychosocial needs as well as enabling people to understand and obtain their rights. They also work to create an accepting and supportive communities by carrying out education around disability through workshops and general awareness-raising. This is in the West Bank and East Jerusalem areas: Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Hebron, Jericho, Ramallah, Nablus, Salfeet, Jenin& Tubas and Tulkarem & Qaqilya.

WDR believes it is important to walk alongside the most marginalised and this is often in places where there is conflict.

A member of the WDR committee visited Nader at EJ-YMCA in 2016.

Nader shares about the work of the YMCA in East Jerusalem here:




Father, the Holy Land is far from Holy.
We ask for peace in Palestine and Israel so there can be justice and equality for all.
Thank you for the beacon of hope and practical help that is the YMCA.
We think of its rehabilitation work with those who suffer disability.
For its rights work with those who are oppressed and experience discrimination.
For its livelihoods work for those who are dependent upon others.
Protect and inspire Nader Abu Amsha as he leads the team.