Dr Boateng Bosomtwi.jpg

Dr. Boateng Bosomtwi ("Dr. BB.")

Just before I finished Medical School I came to Wenchi for district posting. During my internship I heard about Dr. Millar who came to Wenchi… 400 people came to see him. Dr Millar does endoscopic surgery which nobody else did here. With Dr Millar, I saw the need for this speciality. The second time he came I worked with him and then I had no doubt that this was my calling. I completed my studies in October 2013 and returned to Wenchi Methodist Hospital [WDR Partner] in December 2013. I continue the work of Dr Millar, over 95% of my surgeries are endoscopic which people like; it is less time in the hospital and quicker recovery. 
I used to go on local radio stations to discuss urological problems so people come to the hospital quicker as they recognise symptoms.

There is a dream by Bernard (Botwe) and we have all bought into it- to turn the hospital into a specialist hospital, to train other specialists. The future for Wenchi is bright! We want to see it become a centre of excellence. 

Resident Urologist at Wenchi Hospital