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Dr Siribu Ballu

My interest in Orthopedics started when I completed medical school and I was on my intern year. I worked with a Doctor from the Netherlands who identified that I would be a good orthopaedic surgeon. He was older so I did the night calls. I was able to do basic but necessary things to help during the night and then he could treat it in the morning. He was always very impressed with my work. I took my inspiration from him. 

Now, orthopedics is my passion!

The best part of my job is seeing the outcomes! Patients are very appreciative. When someone comes in who can’t walk and then two weeks later they are able to- the results are there to see. 

I want to say thank you so much to Irish Methodists; we appreciate where you have taken us so far. The story is not yet complete- we need to keep improving the services. We need a rehabilitation centre for our patients. 

Our dream at Wenchi Methodist Hospital [WDR Partner] is to become a specialised institution. There were no specialties at first and now we have 2!

39 years old
Wenchi, Ghana