Dabane Water Workshops, Zimbabwe

Contact: Mr Stephen Hussey (Director)
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Focus: Clean water and livelihoods

In Zimbabwe the progress of rural development can be slow, with communities consistently identifying water, food and income as their biggest challenges. Rainfall is often not sufficient for growing food crops and it is common for people to walk up to 3km each way to collect water and, even then, the quality of the water is often poor. 

“The problem people are facing is clean, safe domestic palatable water”, says Stephen Hussey, the Director of Dabane. “In some regions ground water is contaminated with mineral salts. It's saline. It can be so caustic you can't even use it for washing. It burns the skin.” 

Finding creative water solutions is therefore essential. That’s what the Dabane Trust has been doing for over 20 years. They work with rural communities to implement food and water programmes. They have been pioneering well points as well as simple but robust hand pumps in seasonal rivers. WDR is currently working with Dabane to survey water quality, the data from which can be used to educate communities and local authorities as to where and how water sources can be protected.

A media & monitoring team visited Dabane in September 2018.


Father, your rain can bring life and destruction.
We pray for those living in rural Zimbabwe
Where rivers can be dry for months,
Where cyclones can wipe out crops,
Where the government may struggle to meet people’s needs.
We pray for Stephen, Joyce and all the team at Dabane
And for the communities with whom they work.
Bless their efforts to bring water and its benefits.
May pumps, pipes, solar panels, expertise and hard work enable people to have the lives you surely intended. Amen