Preparing to leave for Ghana

We are going to Ghana tomorrow (Wednesday 13th April) in order to meet with a variety of partners of the Methodist Church in Ireland.

Most are partners via Irish Methodist World Development & Relief but we'll also be calling in on Pat Jamison (a mission partner via the Methodist Missionary Society) and also meeting with the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana in order to discuss some future work between MCI and MCG.

We'll be covering a lot of miles and some rough country. We'll also be travelling with some great supporters who are bringing their skills so that we can share the stories fully when we return.

The team is:
Tim Dunwoody (WDR and MMS(I))
Laura Kerr (WDR and MMS(I))
Pete Laverty (video cameraman)
Tim West (stills photographer)
Abe Scheele (sound engineer)

Please pray for a safe and fruitful journey and FOLLOW THE BLOG! Thank you!