In a nutshell: PROJECT

Next in our ‘In a nutshell’ series is PROJECT. Tim Dunwoody (World Development Officer) explains a bit more…

People invariably ask WDR for a “project to support”. WDR avoids using the word ‘project’.

Projects are short-term ‘bursts’ of activity, typically lasting 1-3 years. They suit donors wanting a clear-cut beginning and end, and the chance to move on somewhere else.

There is little evidence that projects bring long-lasting change. Projects give little time for indigenous people to gain skills, capacity building of the partner, forming a genuine relationship with the partner, recognising problems and changing direction if necessary or, importantly, challenging the societal and institutional structures and policies that keep people poor.

Control tends to be with the donor.

For WDR, long-term relational partnerships are the way to have maximum impact. There is much evidence for this.

For WDR it’s about People, not Projects.

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