South Africa Team Blog #4: Less than 10 days to go!

Simon Kingston is part of the MCI team going to South Africa in August. Here he shares a little bit about why he is excited to be part of this team!‏

I belong to the Enniskillen circuit in Co Fermanagh.  Whilst studying at university I’ve been worshipping at Sandy Row Methodist which is part of Belfast Central Mission.  Whilst there are many contrasts between the two churches and the context that they find themselves in, I am in no doubt about the encouragement and love shown to me.  Many people, including church members put church down.  Unfortunately, increasingly it seems that many have no time for God or church.  

It’s whenever we move out of the familiar routines and surroundings that we begin to question and reassess our priorities.  I’m excited about this trip to South Africa because it will give us an opportunity to meet brothers and sisters and to learn about how they struggle to be faithful to God in their situations.  I know that we’ll be challenged. 

Already we’ve met as a team and discussed our own contexts and tried to discern our mission.  I’m looking forward to exploring these questions further and to share the conversation with our own church community in Ireland when we return.