Home again

We arrived back into Ireland on Saturday morning. It had been a long and tiring ten days but inspiring. Yeah, 'inspiring' is one of those overused words but it is difficult to think of a substitute. Today (in the office) I emailed the various partners and friends we had met and made along the way. Grace Quansah replied "I sincerely pray for you in all spheres of life that you succeed to the end. I will love us to be together once again some day. We will continue to spread the Gospel of Salvation to the world through our humanitarian services." It is hard to explain but each time I leave a partner or they leave us (having perhaps been in Ireland), there is sense of loss. I guess this is a sign that we are truly working together on an equal footing as friends and partners which is what our model is all based upon. Laura, Pete, Tim, Abe and myself will now spend many months using and sharing the various stories through text, photo and video with you. These stories will show that communities can lift themselves up out of poverty with a little help from their Irish Methodist friends. Many thanks for following the blogs over the period we were in Ghana.

Tim 1