Meeting with Presiding Bishop at main office

 Presiding Bishop Most Reverand Titus Pratt graciously received us at the main MCG office. Here, the various departments and organisations have a base together. This helps joined-up thinking and strategy develop (MCI come on - get yourselves organised). He is very keen for the two churches to work more closely so that we can both benefit and further mission efforts in both countries. Pete, Tim and Abe were able to meet with the newly established media team and offer advice. MCG have the opportunity to broadcast on both radio and television so they are hoping to raise the standard over time in order to have a greater impact. The boy's  recorded a greeting from the Very Reverand Pratt, hopefully to be used at Irish Methodist Conference. This was actually the first piece of recording done in their little studio so the guys have made history (sort of - if you're easily pleased as to what constitutes history). In terms of World Development, Laura and I met with the Director of Methodist Development and Relief Services (our WDR partner), Rev. Paul Adu. Good to hear of his hopes for future partnered activities. We also had a visit from Grace with her tape measures and got measured up. She is either a tailor or an undertaker. We shall see.

Tim 1