Wenchi Methodist Hospital

Better late than never (no internet access). On Sunday morning we attended the Methodist church across the way from the hospital. Rain and a few other events kept attendance to about two thirds full but still enough to raise the roof during worship and, for those who have experienced it themselves, the traditional dancing up to the front to give your offering. In the afternoon there was some time spent in getting General footage at the hospital. However, Monday was the formal meeting with staff and tour of the facilities. Staff could not have been more accommodating. I always feel i'm particularly intruding when in a hospital. Pete, Tim and Abe were great as ever in being sensitive and yet doing their work with video, sound and photography. The whole purpose of collecting all this is so that we can share with you all back in Ireland just what your partners are actually doing. I met separately with Mr Bernard Botwe (hospital administrator) and senior staff in the boardroom. I remembered Sampson, the nursing manager, from my previous visit three years ago. This illustrates how important it is to meet and build true friendships around which we build project work but the relationship comes first. The relationship between the hospital and MCI is not between two organisations but between people. It's always good to see Bernard. Out tea is ready will come back later to tell you about what's happening at the hospital.

Tim 1 (Tim the photographer is Tim 2 so that we each know who we are)