Meeting with Methodist Bishop

Just back from a meeting with Bishop Rt Rev Samuel Fred Ansuh. In Ghana they have full-time bishops over diocese. Both Rev Joseph Donkoh and Mr Bernard Botwe were also there. The Bishop's house is just above the hospital, for those who know. Sat on veranda losing more water through sweat than I was physically able to replace by drinking from my bottle. Really hard to understand how oppressive is must be to live and work here at times. Joseph coordinates the work of our partner MDRS and Bernard is administrator of the hospital. These guys are top quality. I learned a few years ago that when you find people like these you should do all you can to invest in what they do. The rest of group were doing a video interview by Laura with mission partner, Pat Jamison (a bit of Missionary Society work there), and also the boys (they all make me feel old) were shooting some footage outside on the road to produce a promo for the 2017 Belfast Marathon (always thinking ahead). Health of all is generally good. Doing hospital tour tomorrow. No doubt there'll be discussion of sorts with Bernard about some future work together. Looking forward to it. I blame all typos on fact that am trying to complete this before WiFi goes down again. 


Pictured: Bernard Botwe, Administrator of Wenchi Methodist Hospital