First day's work done

Yesterday was a long day of travelling added to by a delay in our flight from London to Accra. However, we had reasonable sleeps last night. 

Today was an early start out of Accra heading west to where World Development & Relief partner, Methodist Relief and Development Services (Ghana), has work amongst people in the Ekumfi area. Depleted forests have resulted in these people being without vital resources to support themselves. Coconut trees have suffered a virus in the region but WDR and MRDS are introducing a new variety which is resistant. So it was a hot day (about 35 degrees and perhaps 90% humidity). Mr Addison, local volunteer coordinator, explained all about the pegging and planting. In five years there be a harvest of coconuts. It must be hard for farmers to commit, knowing they won't get immediate benefits. Laura, Tim, Pete and Abe were all very busy taking footage, notes and photos. Not sure why I came really. Please keep praying especially for health and safety. The heat really is a challenge, often with no shade. Partners and beneficiaries are an inspiration as always. Thanks for supporting this work. Tomorrow it's pineapples, kilns, charcoal and wood lot (growing trees for profit - how this project all began some years ago). 

Tim Dunwoody