Real Stories of Real Change

At different times throughout the year we, in World Development & Relief, receive reports from our partners. Just a couple of months ago we received a Christmas card from the Director of Phakamisa, Thokozani Poswa. Phakamisa, in South Africa, focuses on pre-school education and empowerment of care-givers.  In their card was a note from Mavis, a lady who has seen her life change through the work of Phakamisa. She wrote, “I am a care-giver who is caring for 5 orphans. Thank you for your support for Phakamisa. We are learning lots of skills and getting clothes and bread. We also share our problems and pray together”.  These stories of lives being changed and people being encouraged to achieve their God-given potential fuels the work of WDR.

Here are testimonies from just two more of our partners, Kopila-Nepal and Father Andeweg Institue for the Deaf, Lebanon. They give just a little sense of the incredible work that your WDR donations make happen.


Kopila’s focus is empowering women from the Dalit and scheduled castes, particularly widows and single-mothers.

“I am Ashmita. Me, my mom and my younger brother are in the family. My father passed way in gulf country. He loved us very much and was worried about our education. Due to my mom’s poor health and poverty of the family, I had to leave school and stay at home to care for my mother.

When Kopila-Nepal started working in our area, they visited my family. Kopila staff provide counselling to my mum and suggested that she join the Saimarang Self Help Group which was formed by women in similar situation to her. They also encouraged me to go to school and provided educational materials for my study. At that time I felt that the God saw my tears and came to my home to give support.

With the regular support and encouragement from Kopila, my mom has received vegetable and goat farming training and she also play active role in advocating the issues of women and people in difficulties.

I am thankful to Kopila-Nepal and it’s contributors for their generosity and continuous support for me, my mom and women and children like us.  I hope their support will be long lasting so that me and my friends can dream for higher education.”

WDR supporters visit to Kopila-Nepal, March 2015


Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf, Lebanon

In Lebanon deaf people are often marganilised in employment and fulfill the more menial roles. With the influx of refugees in the country now, there is even more competition for these jobs. As such, the work of FAID is more important than ever. Anton Scheele from Friends of FAID shares Amer’s story:

‘Amer, a 12 year old Syrian refugee, presented himself at the school in September 2015. He had never been to a school before. He and his family fled from their home 4 years ago. Last August, his father got a job as a caretaker in a building 8 miles from the school. Part of his wages is free accommodation for him and his family in an old store room in the basement. Amer is now a bit over 3 months in the school. He has 2 second- hand hearing aids fitted, he’s enrolled inspeech therapy and is starting on a long road to learn to hear, speak, lip-read, read, write, do maths and all the other skills he needs to survive in a world that is not very sympathetic to people with disabilities. None of this would have been possible without WDR’s support.’

Some of the children at Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf, Lebanon

Some of the children at Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf, Lebanon

 We are hugely thankful for the financial and prayerful support that WDR recieves. As Tim said in his blog entry ‘People not projects’, "Improving people’s lives is the reason for any development work... People need to be at the centre of what we do." With this in mind, these stories reinforce our desire to build and further relationships with our partners and the communities they work in.