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Beth Hand

I believe that there are opportunities to be involved in social justice, partnering with what God is doing and seeing active change, development and growth in his Kingdom.

WDR partners are people who see needs and through God they aim to meet them, empowering people in the process. That sense of empowerment is impressive and thought provoking. I find myself often thinking about the lessons that can be learnt here in how we work with others, listen and learn ourselves. 

For the last number of years, through Castlewellan Holiday Week, I have had opportunity to learn about WDR and witness young people connecting with partners to become involved themselves in God’s mission. I have loved seeing young people become young adults who visit, learn from and support those they have seen on screen. I am overwhelmed watching from afar how God is using ordinary people in extraordinary ways, it is incredibly inspiring. 

I hope to see WDR and its partners continue to see growth and empowerment. I wish for an abundance of opportunities for those who have not had, for justice for those who have none and for voices for those who need heard. I hope that doors open rather than close, for God to disrupt apathy and indifference so that societies and hearts may be changed. I hope for wisdom and clarity in difficult decisions, for the ability to think strategically and yet the creativity to dream. I hope that we listen and respond when God speaks so that above all he may be glorified and his Kingdom advanced. Who said we need to think small when our God is big?

Committee member since 2017