Anton Scheele

One of my main passions is to empower people so they can make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of the people around them. And I believe WDR does an
amazing job in attempting to do that.
What really impresses me about the partners of WDR is their passion, their faith with a holistic vision, their ability to empower others and their ability to deliver.

My highlight serving on the committee was being part of the revamp in how we present WDR to our partners in our local churches here at home.
My hope and vision is that we will grow stronger, enabling more people in Ireland to empower more
people in the developing world to make a big impact in the communities where they live.
I also hope that we will be able to show and prove that we are create far more sustainable outcomes when we
support local people to identify their own priorities in their challenges in life & support them when they implement their own solutions.

Committee member since 2015