Anita Devi

I am from the Hazaribagh region. In my job role with Srijan Foundation (WDR Partner) I get training and whatever learning I get I then share it with my group.

I did not used to leave the house except to leave to work as a labourer. My husband and I both worked as labourers. 

Earlier we women were not allowed to go out of the house, that was the way. After the coming of the Srijan Foundation and after the women’s farming project I then got this role and our group was formed. It came after the women’s farming project.

In the group we save, we do savings. After depositing money we save it and we also have done other things such as raising cattle, we have a goatery as well. Also we invest in agriculture.

I have started using organic fertiliser and composting. But because we are working together I did not have to spend any of my own money. That means in agriculture we can gain a profit. I do not have to rely on spending my own money.

After getting training and after the group formation we had a good time. The main benefit is to be able to get money.