World Development & Relief is part of the Methodist Church in Ireland's (MCI) mission in the world. Established in1970, WDR undertakes work to tackle poverty & injustice through community development with its partners

Members of MCI are directed to give 1% of their income (post-tax) to WDR. This level of giving continues to be an aspiration.Annual service material shares stories of work on the ground, educates about good development practice and encourages financial giving.

We believe that genuine and long-term partnership is the best way to achieve effective community development. We consider partners to include the WDR Committee, people in the organisations implementing plans on the ground, supporters, volunteers and local people who contribute skills, knowledge and time to transform their own communities. Other relevant bodies, such as local authorities, and individuals may also be involved. 

Effective and mutually beneficial partnerships are built upon trust, transparency, accountability and friendship. This relational approach speaks of our Christian values. 

That every person’s God-given potential is fulfilled.

We see WDR as an expression of our Christian values as Methodists; faith, justice, compassion, equality and solidarity.

We seek to be effective by following good development practice whilst retaining our Methodist values and motivation.

We endeavour to do work that is: 

  • Long-term and sustainable
  • Driven by and empowering for local people
  • Transforming for whole communities
  • Tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice
  • Innovative when necessary 

The pie chart below shows spending in 2016/17.

75% of income on long-term development

11% of income on emergency relief

14% on fundraising, governance and education. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.08.13.png

Our main focus with our partners is long-term development. Appeals are sometimes made during emergencies when funds are channelled through appropriate partners or sister agencies in order to provide short-term relief.



Rev. David Nixon

Mr Tim Dunwoody

Tim Dunwoody

Miss Laura Burtney

Laura Kerr

Mr Tim Dunwoody is the World Mission and Development Officer for the Methodist Church in Ireland. Laura Kerr is responsible for Communications and Administration.


  • Rev. David Nixon - Convener
  • Mr. Jonny Best - Treasurer
  • Mr. Malcom Johnston - Secretary
  • Mr. Ivan Kirkpatrick
  • Rev. Dr. John Parkin
  • Ms. Pat Jamison
  • Mrs. Wendy Losty
  • Mr. Anton Scheele
  • Mr. Patrick Mercer
  • Rev. Louise Monroe
  • Rev. Dr. Laurence Graham
  • Mrs. Beth Hand
  • Mr. Pete Laverty
  • Mr. Tim Dunwoody - World Mission and Development Officer